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Personal Trainers for all abilities, fitness levels and sizes. We can help you reach your goals quickly!

Book in a PT session at our Hove studio to discuss everything you'd like to achieve as well as your injuries and anything that's holding you back.


Our Personal Trainers will show you how we can help you stay motivated and committed to your workouts as well as making small changes to your eating habits. Your trainer will take you through a short workout to demonstrate the types of exercises you'll need to target any problem areas based on your needs, goals and fitness.

We pride ourselves in taking an individual and understanding approach with each client, which enables us to build a programme which is fun AND effective for each client!

All you need to do is click the button below and we'll take care of the rest!

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Personal Training


Our Hove Personal Trainers will design a workout plan specifically for you. That means discovering exactly what you want to achieve as well the types of exercise you like already in order to build the perfect programme to reach your goals quickly.



We all know that food is the hardest part of any regime. That’s why we take care to guide you in ways which encourage healthy changes from more than just a weight loss or muscle gain perspective.

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Personal training motivation


Getting to the gym is one thing, then once you’ve got there you have to actually work out! Train with us and never dread another workout! We motivate you in a way which suits you as an individual so we look to find what makes you really tick.

Accountability with your Personal Trainer


Booking in weekly sessions with your trainer in our Hove studio means that you won’t keep skipping sessions. This type of accountability really helps to keep your progress on track from week to week.

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Your Trainer will write a bespoke workout plan especially for you

Bespoke Programmes

Each of our clients have different needs, goals and fitness levels which means we create programmes for each individual. You’ll get nutrition plans as well as personalised gym plans for your own sessions.

Your Personal Trainer will track your workouts, weights and measurements!

Progress Tracking​

Your progress is tracked through each session via electronic programming to measure increases in strength and fitness as well as taking your physical measurements every month.


Claim your FREE SESSION worth £50 today

Client Testimonials

Personal Training client, Simon

Simon 34

I've looked for Personal Trainers in Brighton & Hove before but never found the right place for me. When I moved further away from Brighton and into Hove I came across Portside PT- it's a cracking place to train and the personal trainers are top-notch. With my PT Dylan’s help, I’ve made faster progress than I ever have before.

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Client Testimonials

PT client Becky loves training at Portside!

Becky, 32

Since living in Brighton, well Hove actually, I've tried a number of personal training studios, in gyms and outside. Portside is definitely the best place to work out if you're worried about busy gyms and not getting on the equipment. I also love working 121 with my trainer, Phoebe, which means I'm not worried about what other people are doing or if they're looking at me! I can train safely and with good results too! They have free parking too, which in Hove is an absolute dream!

Client Testimonials

Beate loves to box!

Beate, 49

Portside PT is terrific! The atmosphere and welcoming you is second to none. The team is incredibly friendly and extremely qualified. The gym is absolutely spotless, very well equipped and very airy. I train with Dom who makes every session filled with laughs and positive attitude which empowers you to work even harder. I've a newfound love for lifting weights. I live in Brighton but the walk along to Hove is beautiful along the seafront which helps me increase my steps too! Thank you guys!

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Client Testimonials

Jo has been working with her trainer, Timmo, for a couple of years now!

Jo, 38

I’ve trained with Timmo for a couple of years now and can't recommend the team of personal trainers enough. As someone with degenerative disc disease, I know exercise is so important. Sometimes he literally gets me through the week and when I’m fit and well he helps me get stronger and fitter. He's always able to adjust to my needs and my flare ups have reduced in number and severity. Every session is also great fun! I love their studio, one of the best in Brighton & Hove and one of the only places that focusses just on Personal Training.