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Injury Rehab portside

Injury Rehab

Injury Rehabilitation Programmes

Injury Rehab Hove

Do you have any injuries or niggles you just can’t seem to shake off?

Perhaps you want to strengthen up a particular area after having had an injury?

Or maybe you’ve recently injured yourself and want to get back to training as quickly as possible?

physical trainer portside

With Injury Rehab you'll:

Start recovery quickly

Make progress faster

Avoid wrong exercises

Strengthen weak areas

Avoid future injuries


Injury Rehab Specialist, Louis2.
physical trainer hove

Our new injury rehab specialist is on hand to help. Louis has 8 years experience in physio and rehab facilities and specialises in spinal and neuromuscular issues from painful lower backs to complete spinal cord injuries.. You’ll be in safe hands!

Start Recovery Today!

After your initial consultation, we’ll assess your movements and limitations in order to build a rehab programme personalised specifically for you.

You’ll also get access to our Portside Programmes app which will have all your workouts and exercises.

Gone are the days of getting a flimsy bit of paper from your physio.. You’ll have all the info and videos you need on your personalised rehab programme so that you can keep up the exercises in between sessions to make the most of your efforts in the gym.

Injury Rehab Packages

Basic £200:

1 session/week for 4 weeks 

Advanced £360:

2 sessions/week for 4 weeks

Intensive £450:

3 sessions/week for 4 weeks

All packages include personalised rehab plans, progress analysis and access to the app for all your exercise videos and rehab exercises in one place.

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