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Do you want to focus on training clients without worrying about gaining new leads, marketing, gym rent & competition?

Most new PT's are great at Personal Training but lack the skills and experience needed to develop, build and sustain a viable business model.. That's where we come in.

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Owners, Timmo & Phoebe, have a combined total of 14 years of experience working for themselves as well as for Personal Training brands across Brighton & Hove so we know what it takes to get your diary full..

"All you need to do is look after your Portside clients with passion, integrity & confidence."

We've built a brand whose ethos is one of sustainable results brought about by enjoyable exercise. We coach our clients to a high standard of coaching in order to deliver Personal Training sessions which are focussed, targeted, effective and ENJOYABLE!


We train & coach mostly 'general population' clients, meaning we look to find the balance between what's fun and what's effective to help our clients build strength, confidence and knowledge as well as working towards sustainable results in a sustainable way. We'll also train you up to become the best Personal Trainer you can possibly be with our weekly development meetings and individual guidance from the leadership team.

Your role will include:

- Managing your diary (booking clients in weekly)
- Writing personalised programmes using our app
- Delivering top-level Personal Training sessions
- Weekly team development meetings.

You won't have to do any:

- Marketing
- Sales calls
- Cleaning
- Pay gym rent
- Gym floor work.


Got what it takes to be a Portside PT?

When it comes to hiring a new Personal Trainer, we look for particular personality traits as opposed to raw PT skills and knowledge, although that definitely does help in the long run it's not the be-all and end-all! 

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Portside Remunerations


Trainer Pay:

- £14-£18ph based on monthly targets and duration working with the company (monthly bonus and annual pay rise x2)


Monthly Bonus:

- Referral bonus of £50 for each client you bring to the studio from your own sources (social media, friends and family etc.)

- Trainer of the month bonus of £50

Other Optional Work Available:

- Flyering: £10ph

- Blog Posts: £10 per blog

- Deep Cleaning: £10ph 

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Want to become a Portside PT?

Click the link below to start your application!

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