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Are you afraid of starting 2021 without a plan of action or a way forward with your health and fitness goals?


The Portside KickStarter is a no-gym package designed to kick start your New Year from home.

We know it's hard to stay motivated without the use of a gym or guidance from a trainer so we've put together this package to give you a simple plan to follow from the comfort of your home.


Start the New Year the RIGHT WAY!

With the Kickstarter you will:

Lose Fat

Build Muscle

Start Better Habits

Feel More Confident

Get Sustainable Results

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The Portside KickStarter is a great way to help you lose fat and build muscle without the gym.


You'll be using your bodyweight (or any equipment you may have at home) for 2-3 workouts per week coupled with small changes to your diet habits to make real and sustainable progress towards your goals.

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No complex training and diet programmes, just simple workouts, simple food plans and simple principles to help you get results at home.


Each month you'll get:

​Bespoke Workout Plans

Nutrition Guides

Progress Check-Ins

Extra Workout Videos

Weekly Challenges