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5 Top Tips for Immune Health

At Portside Personal Training we understand the importance of your immune system. Watch our video on optimising your immune health by Portside Personal Trainer Duncan, to give you some tips and pointers on how you can stay healthy, strong and free of illness.

Top Tip #1: Eat the right food

Eating healthy whole food is the number 1 top tip for keeping your immune system functioning optimally.


Top Tip #2: Eat enough of the right food

In order to keep your body and immune system working properly, we need enough of the right food. Simply eating healthy isn't enough if we aren't eating enough of it!


Top Tip #3: Reduce processed food intake

This goes without saying, reduce the amount of rubbish you eat and your immune system will thank you for it.


Top Tip #4: Aim for better quality sleep

Easier said than done. Sleeping better is somewhat of an art with great benefits for mind, body and immune system.


Top Tip #5: Exercise!

Last but not least, exercise will boost your immune function so long as you're staying fuelled and not over-doing it! Read our latest post on why you should get a personal trainer.


To read the full article and other insightful nutrition posts, head over to Duncan's blog here.

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