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Black Friday

Hello Brighton and Hove! We're sure you've had a good run with Black Friday already but we wanted to let you know of our annual Black Friday deals to get you going through December, January and beyond!

Our prices have remained very competitive in Brighton & Hove but this is your chance to get your PT sessions for EVEN LESS!

This year, we've got 3 offers valid until the end of the month

1. Personal Training Packages

We're adding 1 extra personal training session onto every 10 sessions you buy! That means you can get up to 4 free PT sessions worth £180 absolutely free!


2. Personal Training Vouchers

You can buy vouchers for yourself, for your friends or for your family! All you need to do is visit our online shop and choose your vouchers.

4 Sessions: £160 (£40 off)

10 Sessions: £400 (£50 off)


3. Monthly PT Memberships

Get £50 off your first month! That's right, if you'd like to sign up to our monthly payment option, you can get £50 off your first month!


Black Friday offers are valid until the end of the month. If you'd like to take advantage of any of them, you can use the links above to make your purchase.

For those of you who haven't trained with us before, you can find us at the Hove Enterprise Centre on the Hove end of Shoreham Port (just down from Kingsway). We have a multi-level PT studio that is only available for use with your Personal Trainer. We also have free parking and lovely seas views from our bright, airy and spacious studio.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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