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Cancellations are always part and parcel of appointment-based services. We have a cancellation policy in place in order to keep our clients accountable and to protect our trainers’ income. Our cancellation policy is 24hrs meaning that if you cancel within the 24hrs before your session, you will be charged at full price. However, any cancellations outside of that 24hrs will not be charged. Conversely, whenever our trainer needs to cancel a session within the 24hrs which cannot be covered by another trainer, we will credit your account with an extra session.

A huge part of the reason people want Personal Training is to stay accountable, whereas if we just let you cancel whenever you want then we remove that layer of accountability, making it easier to skip workouts and harder for you to get into a routine and to make progress you’ve signed up for! We also don’t want others to lose out on valuable training slots which might be cancelled last minute. There must be something in the air this month because in the last 2 weeks we've had roughly 15% of our sessions cancelled which means that there's so much less progress made by everyone.

Our trainers are getting busier now which means that rescheduling sessions will become more difficult in the event of cancellations, so wherever possible, try to stick to a slot and get some routine in your weekly schedule.

We might be able to fill your cancelled slot, however, we do need a bit of time to get another client booked in at short notice which leads to the 24hr policy. If you cancel outside of that time, we’ll most likely be able to fill the slot, if you cancel within the time, we’ll probably not be able to fill the slot and the hour is lost.

At the end of the day we want you to get results. The only way to do that is with consistency and commitment! The more cancelled sessions there are, the slower the progress.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope that our policy comes across as fair and reasonable as well as giving the structure we all need to stay on top of our weekly routines!

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