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5 ways to speed up your FAT LOSS.

So you're putting in the work but nothing's happening? Or maybe you want to just see those results a little bit quicker? Well, besides coming to see us at Portside, there are a few things you can do to help speed up your fat loss progress.


Move more

The most basic tip of them all.. move more. Go for daily walks, take the stairs instead of escalators, add cardio to your week, walk to work instead of drive, do more housework, get a dog.. ok the last one might not be the best tip but all the other ideas will help you move more, ultimately burning more Calories in your day. You can also add some cardio to the end of your workout to get an extra burn!


Drink more water

Hydration is so important for so many reasons. In this context, water can act as a natural appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism booster! Drinking water and staying hydrated will also help flush your body of waste materials, helping you feel clearer and lighter. Start your day with a pint of water to get things moving and to start your metabolism for the day!


Eat enough Calories

If you’re drastically undereating you might experience weight loss to start with however your metabolism will start to slow down to account for the drop in Calories, resulting in less of an overall Calorie deficit. One of the magical effects of eating food is an increase in our Calorie burn (Thermic effect of food) so ultimately every time we have a meal, our metabolism increases for a short period of time. So not only will you get all the nutritional goodness your body needs to perform its vital functions and maintain muscle tissue but your body actually helps to burn off the Calories too! If you're struggling with nutrition ideas, you can download our recipe absolutely free of charge by click below!


Build muscle

More muscle tissue means more Calories burned at rest. So it makes sense to build and maintain your muscle while trying to burn fat. You can do this by lifting weights regularly to build up your muscle or you can stick to by lighter bodyweight exercises or yoga/Pilates to maintain what you’ve currently got.


Drink caffeine (responsibly)

This one’s a bit controversial as a lot of people think caffeine is bad for you. We think caffeine is a brilliant addition when taken in moderation, in the first 6 hours of the day. The reason it’s not good to have caffeine later in the day is down to sleep disruption but early on on the day caffeine can have solid effects on metabolism and overall Calorie burn.


Bonus tip: sleep better

Sleeping better will help your fat loss efforts by moderating your appetite which in turn can help you make better food choices and avoid late-night snacking! Better sleep leads to better muscles also and, as mentioned above, will help you burn more Calories at rest too!

At Portside we don’t just focus on burning fat and losing weight- we look to build up your functional muscle as well as trimming off excess body fat in the process. Our aim is to help you become stronger, fitter, leaner, happier, healthier and living life to the fullest!

If you’d like to book your first session free click the link below!

Here’s what you could achieve:

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