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How can you support our Personal Trainers without spending a penny!

Sometimes we need a little boost in the form of love and support from our fantastic clients. In this tough economic climate, we work hard to make ends meet and to make the business stronger for the long term but sometimes we get a bit downtrodden with the rising costs affecting both us and our clients.

Along with an increasing amount of competition, it's getting harder and harder to generate more new business.. and even though we know have the best service, most picturesque studio in Hove and super competitive rates, it's hard for us to be visible through the noise present in the online marketplace. There are just a huge number of choices and options out there, and we're incredibly grateful you found and chose us to be your trainers!

We work hard on our social media, blogs, website content and referral schemes to put us in front of more people wanting our personal training services but we need your help to push us further into the hearts and minds of the general public.

We know you love training with us and we love training with you too, so we don't expect anything else from our relationship.. we appreciate everything you do and especially for choosing us as your PT team, but if you would like to support us more than you currently do then here's a few ways you can help us out without spending a penny!

Blog Posts

Most weeks we'll write a blog post with different tips or updates about the business.. whilst it's our job to make them engaging enough for you to WANT to read them, we always appreciate it when our clients and readers actually do read them!

So even if it's just a quick skim of the article, it's super helpful if you open the blog on our site and give it a read. Even more amazing is if you like and share the article on your Facebook or with friends and family.

So, just know that every time you read or share a post, I'll be praising you and sending you good vibes through the ether.

Social Media

Our social media accounts are a portal into our business, allowing clients and prospects to see what's going on and to gain a glimpse into day-to-day life here. Your engagement with our posts helps us get in front of new prospects as well as boosting our 'social signals' for our overall online presence.

The algorithm will push us in front of people just like you so please take the time to like, share and save our content whenever you see it.. and whenever you do, I'll probably do a little dance to celebrate.. if you don't follow us already use these links to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


The most effective way to help us to by telling your friends and family about us! Whenever you spread the word about Portside you can increase the chances of getting referrals.. and referrals will earn you free sessions! If you refer someone who signs up for PT then you will earn 2 free sessions to say a little thank you for introducing us to a new client. So the more you speak about us, the more people you might refer to us and the more free sessions you could get!


We're super proud of the number of high number of 5 star reviews we have across Google, Facebook and Trustpilot and we have so much appreciation whenever we receive a new one. We love to hear about your experience with us and it really makes our day to know we're providing a service which you love!

If you'd like to leave a review, you can simply search for us on Google, Facebook or Trustpilot and let us know about your experience!

So there are just a few ways you can support us without spending a penny and we appreciate everything you do to support our personal trainers and our business!

Thanks for taking the time to read this week's blog, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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