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How you can support Portside PT and our Personal Trainers without spending a penny!

We really appreciate your support and we thank you for choosing us as your Personal Trainers and your friendly local PT studio!

If you want to carry on supporting us in the future, firstly THANK YOU! and secondly.. here's how you can support us without spending anything!

Social media:

Any kind of engagement on social media is amazing. On Instagram you can like, save, comment on and share our posts and stories as well as turning on post notifications for when we post new content. The same goes for Facebook and Twitter- the more you engage the more visible we become to the wider public, so your love really can make a difference! And for that, we're massively grateful!

In case you're not already, here are the links to our social media channels if you'd like to follow us:


Blog posts:

We write blog posts each month to help keep you motivated, up to date & in the loop with what’s going on at the studio. Whenever you get a chance to, please read these blog posts.. and if you like them, give them a like or a share! Aside from being educational and informative content, we like to know that we're actually helping more people live healthier lives.


Competition entries:

Every year we've given stuff away for free! This year is no different, we're giving away 10 weeks of Personal Training AND a 55" Smart TV! If you'd like to enter our giveaways you can enter by clicking below and entering your email! If you've done it already, best of luck!


Refer your friends

We love training with you! And we're pretty sure we'd love to train the people you surround yourself with too! When you refer someone to us, we are over the moon! Recommendations in any industry are commendable but when it comes to Personal Training it's more of a personal endorsement of the trainer and the service. In other words, confidence boosting! Plus the referrer gets 2 free sessions after they sign up so everyone wins! If you've got anyone you'd like to refer to us and earn your 2 free sessions then read the blog on referrals below!

So if you're wanting to support your favourite personal trainers but you're feeling the pinch then use the suggestions above to help give us a little boost!

Thank you, anything and everything you do to support us is greatly appreciated!

You can like ans share this post, or any others on the blog by clicking the like and share button below!

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