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Massage Partners- Natural Balance

Updated: May 4, 2023

Life can be pretty taxing on your mind, body and soul.. and that's even before you've started exercising! As a society nowadays we're mainly confined to poor postural positions because of work, driving and even when we're relaxing.. We're forced into positions that our body really doesn't want to be in, and over time we acclimatise to poor posture- our muscles adapt to being in the seated position with shoulders rounded forward and lower back in a less-than-ideal posture.

Our muscles become tight and inflexible and without proper stretching, over time, this will get worse and worse. So what's the solution I hear you ask? Well, there are a few things you can do to remedy tight muscles, firstly you can stretch regularly and over time you'll start to lengthen and release tension in those tight muscles. Sadly, this takes a lot of consistency and a fair amount of time. The easy fix to releasing muscle tension is to get a massage that focusses on those troublesome areas!

That's not the only benefit of regular massage though.. You can improve your blood flow, decrease joint inflammation, better quality of sleep, reduced risk of injury, faster recovery between workouts and overall stress relief and relaxation!

We've partnered with Natural Balance on the Drive to provide our clients with some of the best massage therapists in Brighton & Hove to help you combat tight, stiff muscles.

massage partner
massage partner

I was kindly given a massage in order to write this blog post from a place of informed experience and what a difference it made! As a busy personal trainer, and business owner I've built up a lot of tension in my muscles from being on my feet all day followed by hours on the laptop in the dreaded desk position. I also struggle with sleep as my mind is always whirring with spreadsheets, plans, meetings, financials, advertising and everything else so having an hour of relaxation was a welcomed relief followed by one of the best night's sleep I've had in what feels like a decade!

The Natural Balance massage clinic is on the Drive in Hove with easy access by bus and plenty of parking nearby making it super convenient to get there. On arriving, I was greeted by my massage therapist, Charlotte, who took me through a consultation to discuss my lifestyle, areas of pain and what I wanted to get from the massage. Charlotte was very professional and asked what sort of pressure I'd like as well as asking about whether I had any specific issues I wanted to address during the hour.

Back massage
Back massage

Throughout the massage, Charlotte took care to ask for feedback on pressure and whether I felt like I needed more or less in certain areas which meant that although at points it was a bit uncomfortable, I was never squirming in pain! Obviously, those tighter areas will always be a bit more painful when applying pressure but I felt like it was exactly what I needed and left me feeling looser, fresher and super relaxed.

So if you're wanting a great massage for any of the reasons above then click here to book in with a 10% discount using the code PORT10

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