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Read what's new at Portside Personal Training..

2022 was an interesting year at Portside. Although its seemed to be over in a flash, we achieved quite a lot in those 12 months... We incorporated a training app to our services, we increased our prices, we grew in session numbers, we ran 3 giveaway competitions giving away a TV and 2 lots of 10 PT sessions and we spent most of the year searching for new team members to join us! It's only in reflection that we realised how much the business and our trainers had achieved in the previous 12 months.

New trainers!

We are happy to say that we finally found 2 brilliant personal trainers to join our team this year after a long search!

Sita has a group training background, teaching dance, aerial and circus training. She loves bodyweight training and wanted to bring her love for coaching people into more of a 121 setting.

Chloe came to us after recently qualifying as a personal trainer to help other people like her who used to hate the gym but have found a love for lifting weights and general resistance training. She wants to show you that exercise can be fun and enjoyable while still making progress with strength and fitness.

Both our new trainers have spaces available to take on new clients so for those of you looking for a trainer or wanting the feminine touch with your training, you can book in your first session here.


New Programmes

We launched 3 new programmes to help give you clear ideas about what you can achieve with us at Portside. First of all, we have our 10 Week Transformation which is aimed at giving you fast yet sustainable results over the course of 10 weeks.

Next up we have our injury prevention and rehab programme aimed at helping you recover from injuries and niggles as well preventing you from picking up other problems due to posture, tightness and poor movement patterns.

Lastly we have our Fit Forever programme which is aimed at the 60+ categories so that the older generation can benefit from increased strength, mobility and future proofing!


Online Training

We've released some online training programmes so you can benefit from the expertise of our personal trainer even without coming into the studio. You'll get access to our branded programming app as well as support and motivation from Timmo and the team to keep you on top of your training.

All the exercises are linked to instructional videos to help you learn and remember the exercises as if you've got a personal trainer right in your pocket.

You'll have a complete log of all the exercises and progress you've made on the app so each month we can update your plan accordingly so you keep making progress through the months!

We also have one-off programmes with specific targets like abs and glutes so be sure to check them out here.



This year we've started Yoga sessions at the studio with the lovely Rosie Lux. To start with we've added just one lunchtime session on Wednesdays at 12:30 with the potential to add more lunchtime sessions as the classes start to fill up.

The main focus of these sessions is flexibility, relaxation and overall mindfulness which is a great accompaniment to our personal training sessions. If you're interested in trying out a session, you can book in your first session for free here.


Payment Options

The last few months have seen the cost of living getting higher and higher, so to try to make your personal training costs more manageable, we've introduced a new 'pay in 3' option where you can spread the cost of your package across 3 monthly payments. If you'd like to pay in 3 then just speak to your trainer to arrange your next package.

So what's in store for this year?

We've got a lot of plans and ideas for the business, some more wild than others but that's going to stay top secret until we're ready to release details of our new initiatives! But there's one thing that's for certain, we'll be here to help you reach your goals whilst having fun in the process for the forseeable future! So we want to take the opportunity to say thank you for all your continued support over the last months and years, you've made our working days totally enjoyable and we hope we've done the same for your workouts too!

See you all soon!

Lots of love,

The Portside Team

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