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News From the Port: What We've Been Up To!

Hello Brighton and Hove! It’s about time we let you know what’s been going on at Portside PT over the last couple of months!

1 year anniversary

Would you believe that we opened our Personal Training studio on Shoreham Port just over 1 YEAR AGO! I know right! The time has just flown by! We’ve had our ups and downs but I’m happy to say there are certainly more ups than downs. We’ve managed to get ourselves up to 80-90 PT sessions each and every week delivered across the team and the exciting thing is, we still have more room to grow.

The future is looking very bright for Portside but we wanted to celebrate what we’ve achieved so far and thank all our wonderful clients for supporting us. So we had a traditional British BBQ with some of the blackest sausages you’ve ever seen in this hemisphere as well as some prosecco and cocktails to wash it down. Safe to say, a great time was had by all!

Charity money raised

In August and July, we put our minds to raising some money for a local mental health charity- Mind in Brighton & Hove.

We held a raffle with prizes such as Sonos speakers, 10 weeks of personal training and vouchers for local shops and restaurants. With the raffle alone we raised £270 by selling 27 tickets, resulting in some very happy winners!

We wanted to give something back from each of the sessions we delivered so we decided to give £1 from every session delivered to Mind in Brighton & Hove resulting in our Portside pledge raising an extra £322 going straight to charity.

So in total, we raised £592 which is miles away from our £2k target but as they say, every little helps and we’re proud to have helped!

New trainers

Unfortunately we've had to say goodbye to our first 2 trainers, Ben and Duncan, who are going on to other things so the last couple of months have been full of training up new staff to join our team. We have Jonny who is our most recent recruit and we also have Dom who has worked with Timmo before. Both boys are fully qualified, insured and ready to take on new clients.

We’ve got one final member of staff, Jess, joining us in October and then we’ll be a full house!

Future plans

We've got lots of bright ideas for the future, some of which we'll be keeping to ourselves for now, however we've got some exciting new prospects we can share with you now.

First and foremost, we're very interested in sustainability and the environment in which we live in general. So we've come up with a brand new concept aimed at helping Personal Trainers bring sustainability to the fitness industry. We've called it Green PT and you can find out more below:

Secondly, in the near future, we're looking to expand into group-based sessions such as Yoga and Stretching in our off-peak times- generally, we're looking at lunchtime sessions. So if you're interested in some of our restorative group sessions please register your interest using this link.

So that's it for another update but if you’ve got specific questions or would like to know more about any of the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We all look forward to seeing you in the studio soon but in the meantime, check out our new promotional video!

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