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Portside Lock Down Plans

Ok gang so it's really happening. As always we massively appreciate your support and help wherever you can.. and we mean even just being a client at the end of all this is giving us the support we need! We also need to be here for you, so here's what we're going to do..

Online Training- As of Thursday we'll be delivering all our session online via FaceTime or Zoom straight to your home. We've got hundreds of hours experience with online and remote personal training and we're looking forward to jumping right back in. We are absolutely certain we can keep you progressing with a short change of plan. In a lot of cases this will actually be really beneficial, serving as a de-load month allowing the body to recover from the heavier weights as well as adding a different type of training to your regime to keep your body guessing. Clients training online will also be given the opportunity to borrow some kit to use in their sessions. Last but not least, anyone training online for the next 4 weeks will receive a free face to face session (when we reopen) and a £50 discount voucher as an incentive to stick to your training through lockdown.

Live Workouts- These proved pretty popular last time round so we're going to pick up where we left off. Each week we'll be bringing you a variety of bodyweight, core and stretch workouts straight to your living room. Timings are to be decided so keep your eyes peeled on social media if you're keen to join in!

Giveaways- Each week we're planning on giving something away absolutely free! There will be various competitions and prizes for you all to enter to keep you engaged and having a bit of fun.

We are super grateful for all our clients who've trained with us up to this point, hopefully we can keep a lot of you moving forward but if not then we can't wait to pick things up where we left off, whether that's in December or online!

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