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Pricing Changes

We’re increasing our prices for Personal Training.

It’s hard to avoid it but costs are certainly on the rise. Our costs as a company are no exception, and as individuals, we are particularly feeling the pinch with the increased cost of living.

We’ve worked hard to create a premium service in a private studio and we continue working hard to keep the studio running. Our prices are currently the same as a lot of trainers who do their PT sessions from busy commercial gyms and have stayed very competitive in the Brighton & Hove area, as well as the fact we're all pretty much fully booked means that we need to charge more per session.

We’re also working toward eventually paying our trainers more, as the cost of living just keeps going up. However, in order to do that and to stay in operation for the foreseeable future, we need to put our hourly prices up for our much loved Personal Training sessions.

Don’t worry though, we’re not introducing a massive price hike, we’ll just be increasing the hourly rate on bigger packages. The increase is not without added value either, as many of you will know already, we’ve invested in new programming software as well as introducing new loyalty schemes to earn free sessions!.

We won’t be introducing the price increases until September 2022 for existing clients. But the plan is to raise our prices for new clients from 1st May 2022 - so if you’re not already an active client and want to take advantage of our old prices, now’s the time to get booked in!

The new prices are as follows:


10 sessions: £450 (£45/hr)

20 sessions: £850 (£42.50/hr)

30 sessions: £1200 (£40/hr)

50 sessions: £1875 (£37.50)


1/week: £200/month (£50/hr)

2/week: £360/month (£45/hr)

3/week: £480/month (£40/hr)

Our prices on the app have changed already but current clients will be given a code to bring their prices down to their original value when purchasing through the app. This will be the only way you can take advantage of the old prices and will require the discount code when making the purchase. After September the code will no longer be valid and everyone will be subject to the new pricing structure.

Clients can stock up on sessions prior to the update or if you’d like to lock in your cheaper rates then you can jump onto one of our contracts which will stay the same price as when you signed up to it.

As always, any questions, problems or worries please don’t hesitate to give us a call or a message.

Yours Sincerely,


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