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PT Client Testimonial: Ben & Katie

Katie and Ben have been training together on our couple's personal training package to help them get fit and strong while dropping weight and incorporating healthy habits into their lifestyle.

After just a few weeks they decided to go from one PT session per week up to two per week as they were enjoying it so much and the change in their life and attitude has been really astounding. They have used a personal trainer once or twice before but never really stuck with it but we're happy to say that they're thoroughly enjoying their experience here at Portside and have said they've now found their home with us!

Here is what they have to say!

"Before joining Portside, Katie and I were trapped in a cycle of poor dietary habits, sporadic exercise, and a lack of direction. Despite several self-led attempts to change our lifestyle, we always found ourselves back at square one, feeling even more deflated than before. We had even tried personal trainers before but didn't enjoy the training provided. Not too long after, we discovered Portside, and we haven't looked back since joining.

Our training at Portside with Timmo has acted as a catalyst for a series of positive changes in our lives. The physical benefits - from weight loss and increased strength to enhanced stamina - have been obvious and rewarding for both of us. What's more, the benefits have extended beyond the physical, leading to a clear improvement in our mental health. The regular exercise has boosted our general mood, made us feel more alert, and increased our overall sense of wellbeing.

"It has also led to an increased sense of confidence, which has resulted in positive changes in both of our careers – including a new job."

The Portside studio itself plays an instrumental role in our fitness journey. It's a bright and welcoming space that boasts an array of equipment, ranging from modern cardio machines to diverse strength-training gear.

The layout and the range of exercises that we can undertake as a result have significantly enhanced our workouts, making each session dynamic and effective. In short, the facilities at Portside perfectly complement Timmo's exceptional personal training approach and have crafted a transformative fitness environment that we both absolutely love being a part of.

This is not just the best health & fitness experience we've had in Hove, but the best experience we've had anywhere! So if you're local to Brighton & Hove we really do recommend coming to see the guys at Portside to help you get to where you want to be in life!"

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