Earn Free PT Sessions- Refer your FRIENDS!

Updated: Jan 6

We know how much you love training with us at Portside.. and we love training you too!

We've got a unique connection with each one of our clients and we want to train more people like you! So we want to send you a little reminder of our generous referral scheme!

You can earn yourself up to 2 free PT sessions worth £100! If you refer a friend who attends their trial session you will earn 1 free session. If your friend signs up for a package then you'll earn a second free session!

So all you need to do is refer a friend and once they've signed up for a PT package then you'll get 2 sessions on the house!

If you've already got people in mind for referrals then you can send them a link to our website (www.portsidepersonaltraining.com) and let them know that they can claim their free session.

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