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What's new at Portside..

We've completed another year! Wow, how does time go so quickly!?

We wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on what we've achieved (and what we haven't) as well as what we've got coming up!

We've been working hard to set ourselves apart from other Personal Trainers in Brighton & Hove.. our message is simple: Get moving and have fun while doing it. Yes, we focus on each client's goals, needs and fitness levels.. but really, we just need our clients to move more and feel good while doing it. Our aim as trainers is to find the perfect balance between what's fun and what's effective in order to provide a programme that's enjoyable and sustainable.

The last 2 years have been tough to say the least, with one of our biggest challenges stemming from our team constantly changing for various reasons. It's a tough job, with unsociable hours so we come to expect people to come and go but with that said, our most recent additions to the team are here to stay!


Dylan joined us at the start of the year and boy what an impression he's made since day 1. A meticulous and organised individual, coming from a more corporate background to follow his passion for health and fitness. Dyl is also in charge of the Portside PT blog amongst other things, he's doing a great job with his clients and keeping on top of it all in spectacular fashion.


Louis has only just joined us, after having relocated from Cambridge. He's taken the leap to a new city and put his faith in us to help build up his diary to 30-40hrs per week. He's already managed to get up to 10 hours/wk within his first couple of weeks so it's safe to say he's well on his way. Louis loves playing rugby and has a background in injury rehab with specialisms in spinal and neurological issues.


So what else is new?

We've released some new packages! We want to expand our market and help more people who really need it. So without further ado, here are our new Personal Training packages and offerings.


Fit Forever: 60+

This package is designed with the silver surfers in mind.. as we age we should be really thinking about how we can stave off the negative effects of getting older. The purpose of Fit Forever is to provide a bespoke programme with a slightly different focus from our traditional PT packages. The focus here is much more on maintaining and building functional strength and mobility, flexibility and overall health. We use our 'bio-impedance scales' to determine clear health markers such as metabolic rate and visceral fat. Tracking these stats alongside your progress in the gym will give us a clear pathway to improving your quality of life.


Injury Rehab

Helping our clients overcome the barriers on their path to success is what we do on a daily basis. Injury rehab is just one part of that! We'll help you recover quickly as well as giving you alternative exercise choices to keep you moving in the right direction. You can book in for a 4-week course with in-house injury specialist, Louis, to get your recovery off to a flying start.



We've teamed up with Brighton & Hove's best Yoga teacher to bring you weekly Yoga sessions at the studio! We've landed on Wednesdays 1230 for our Yoga sessions so if you're interested in joining us then hit the button below.


Phoebs heads back to school

Phoebe is getting ready to start her PhD at the end of September. This will be a challenging 3 years for her but nothing she can’t handle! Her research project is about promoting body image in personal training settings - so we can’t wait to hear how it progresses!

This means Phoebe will be taking a step back from the business and reducing her session numbers to accommodate her studies. She’ll still be in for a few sessions in the studio though so don’t worry you will still get to see her dance moves and hear some “yayyys” here and there!

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