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What you get with Portside Personal Training

Have you ever wondered what you get with a Personal Trainer? Well, we want to break down exactly what you get with Portside PT.

If you’ve ever looked at personal trainers in Brighton & Hove, there’s a theme among them all where you’ll get the same first session free or trial session etc.. well we’re no different. We want to demonstrate how we can help you!

Free Trial

First of all, you’ll be invited into the studio for a complimentary session to discuss your goals and the best ways to reach them as well as showing you the studio and the types of exercise you’ll be doing! After the trial, you’ll be given the opportunity to sign up for one of our packages or monthly memberships.

121 PT sessions

All our sessions are based on free weights and resistance training with added cardio and core work throughout. We work to the needs, goals and fitness levels of each individual client meaning our Personal Trainers tailor each workout and each programme for each and every client.

Personalised Programmes

Every client is different, with different goals, different fitness levels AND different styles and exercises they enjoy. This means we write up complete programmes based on all of the things mentioned above. After getting to know you better we can tailor the programme even further!

“Homework Workouts”

If you want to maximise your Personal Training sessions, then we always recommend 3 sessions per week, whether that’s with your PT or by yourself, so we’ll always provide you with extra workouts you can do at home or in the gym.

Progress Tracking

We track your progress in lots of different ways. Throughout every workout, we log all the exercises, weights and reps you complete with the aim of making small improvements from week to week. We also take your measurements with the traditional measuring tape and we use our scales to determine muscle mass, fat percentage and bone density. We also track clear health markers such as visceral fat and metabolic age to ensure you’re getting fitter, leaner AND healthier.

Click the image below to read more about our training app!

Nutrition Guidance

We all know food is a big part of becoming healthier, losing weight or building muscle. We advise our clients on their current diet and how small changes can make a big difference. We also offer free recipe packs to help you make healthier choices when it comes to cooking!

The Studio

Our studio is a private studio for Personal Training only. We don’t offer a gym membership and we’re not currently offering classes or group training so we’re never super busy with lots of people in the studio. We have a fully equipped, split-level studio with sea views and views over Shoreham Port. We’re based on the Hove end of the Port, at Hove Enterprise Centre, tucked away in a quiet, blissful corner! Unlike most other gyms and PT studios in Brighton, Hove and Shoreham, we have a bright and airy studio as well as FREE PARKING!

And as always, our doors are open to the residents of Hove, Portslade, Shoreham and Brighton! We'd love to invite you down for a free session so if you're close to Hove Lagoon or Shoreham Port, you'll only be a stone's throw away from the studio. If you're a little further afield, we have free parking and bike storage so there's no excuse not to come and see what we're all about!

Click below to book your first session absolutely free!

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