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Why you should have a Personal Trainer

Accountability - there’s just nothing quite the same as not wanting to let another person down. When you know someone’s at the gym, the studio, the park, or even on the other end of a zoom call waiting for you, you’re 99% less likely to cancel your workout plans. As human beings, especially British humans, we can’t bear to lose face or let a professional down when we know that it’s just because we aren’t really feeling it. Even personal trainers themselves can benefit from this accountability!

Extra knowledge - no matter what your background with training or working out, there’s always a PT out there who might have some knowledge you don’t have, or a coaching style that really resonates with you in a way that no other person's style has before. Being able to learn something from someone, and carry on learning from them over time, is invaluable when it comes to your fitness and wellbeing. Again, even personal trainers themselves can benefit from the knowledge or expertise of another trainer! Hence why everyone would benefit from some form of personal training.

Motivation - now… let’s not get mixed up here, I see trainers all the time claiming that they can ‘give’ their clients the motivation they need. In psychology, the idea of ‘giving’ someone motivation, just doesn’t exist, you can’t pass it on to one another like a common commodity. What a personal trainer can do, if they know even an ounce about human behaviour, is foster an environment that provides you with as many opportunities as possible to motivate yourself into working out or changing your lifestyle. That’s why I always ask clients why exercises or form of exercise they really enjoy - enjoyment is key to intrinsic motivation - a form of motivation that will stay with you and is most commonly linked to behaviour change.

Social activity - especially in today’s climate, isolation is very common and often as adults we don’t make the time to socialise with other adults outside of our immediate circle. Personal training offers an environment to socialise, mostly just with one other individual, but sometimes with a few different individuals. With you really realising it you’re making time for a social activity, albeit not with your friends and whilst doing something a bit sweaty! Hence why we can emphasise well-being, personal training has more benefits than just getting you fitter and in shape!

Results - now, there’s a reason why I’ve put this one last, not because it is the least important, but because all of the above are essential to getting results. By constantly focusing on the physical and aesthetic results we want to see, we forget to embrace how much we might be enjoying physical activity, or how great running 5k made us feel, or how empowering deadlifting 70kg was. Results can come from many different avenues and a personal trainer can help you get the weight loss or body composition you want, but they can also help you improve your strength, endurance, power, speed, your mindset, and many other things. That’s why everyone can benefit from a personal trainer, even if they already have the body they want!

If you live in Hove or Portslade and would like to come and see how Personal Training can help you, go to to book your first session absolutely free!

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