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  • Do you want to be able to kick a ball around with your grandkids?

  • Do you want to get up the stairs without groaning and creaking?

  • Perhaps you want to protect your joints and bones from osteoporosis through later life?

  • Maybe you want to build and preserve your muscle mass?

  • Or do you simply want to live a longer, healthier, happier life?

Personal Training for Over 60s

With Fit Forever you'll:

Increase Muscle & Strength

Learn New & Safe Exercises

Increase Bone Density

Optimise Hormone Levels

Increase Joint Stability

Start Healthier Habits

Decrease Risk of Falls & Injury


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You can book in with your expert Personal Trainer to discuss your goals, injuries and lifestyle followed by a short movement assessment to identify the areas you need to work on to stay fit forever.


We’ll show you how can take care of your muscles, your joints and your bones together with improving your strength, stability, mobility, overall wellbeing and quality of life!

Start Your Journey TODAY


Throughout the workouts we’ll spend more time on technique, stretching and overall enjoyment of the exercises instead of pushing you to the absolute max..


Our ethos is to find the perfect balance between fun and effective so that you LOVE the workouts as much as the results!


Each week you'll get:

1-3 Personal Training sessions

​Bespoke Workout Plans

Nutrition Guidance/Plans

Progress Check-Ins

Extra Workout Videos




New Knowledge!

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