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Getting Back To Routine after Christmas

The start of a new year often brings with it a surge of motivation to adopt healthier habits and prioritise fitness goals. However, as the weeks pass, it's common for that initial enthusiasm to wane, leading many people to abandon their resolutions. If you've found yourself in this situation, fear not! Getting back on track with your health and fitness journey after the New Year is entirely feasible with the right mindset and approach.

Reflect on Your Goals

Before diving headfirst into a new routine, take a moment to reflect on your goals. Are they specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART goals)? For instance, rather than setting a vague goal like "I want to get fit," consider defining a more specific goal such as "I aim to workout three times a week for 30 minutes each session."

Start Small, Build Consistency

Returning to a fitness routine after a hiatus can be overwhelming. Start with manageable steps to build consistency. Begin by incorporating small changes into your daily routine, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a short walk during your lunch break. You can ask your personal trainer how you can start to incorporate small habits into your daily routine to help you get back on track.

Find Activities You Enjoy

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Experiment with various activities to find what resonates with you. Whether it's dancing, hiking, yoga, swimming, or weightlifting, discovering an activity you genuinely enjoy increases the likelihood of sticking with it long-term. Personally my number 1 favourite activity is surfing, however that's not always possible in Brighton and Hove, so I base a lot of my training on surf specific exercise to help keep me on top form for my next surf trip!

Set a Realistic Schedule

Developing a consistent workout schedule is super important. Be realistic about the time you can allocate to exercise. Consider your daily commitments and schedule workouts at times that are convenient and feasible for you. Consistency is key, even if it means starting with shorter sessions. Another benefit of having a personal trainer is that you'll have those training sessions booked into your diary each week!

Prioritise Nutrition

Exercise and diet go hand in hand. Reassess your eating habits and aim for a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods. Focus on incorporating more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into your meals while minimising processed foods and excessive sugars.

Seek Support and Accountability

Share your fitness goals with a friend, join a fitness class, or working with a personal trainer. Having someone to share your journey with can provide motivation and accountability. Online communities and social media platforms also offer excellent support networks for encouragement and advice.

Monitor Progress and Celebrate Milestones

Tracking your progress can be incredibly motivating. Keep a record of your workouts and achievements. Celebrate milestones along the way, whether it's completing a week of consistent workouts or hitting a weightlifting personal best. Our trainers will track your progress through your sessions and we'll highlight your personal records when you hit them!

Be Kind to Yourself

Remember, setbacks are a natural part of any journey. Don't be too hard on yourself if you miss a workout or have a bad eating day. Acknowledge the slip-up, learn from it, and refocus on your goals. Self-compassion is crucial for maintaining a positive mindset.

Stay Flexible and Adapt

Life can be unpredictable. Be flexible with your fitness routine and adapt to changes as needed. If your initial plan isn’t working, don’t hesitate to modify it. The key is to keep moving forward, adjusting your approach as necessary.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Finally, don't forget to celebrate your achievements along the way. Each step you take toward better health and fitness is worth acknowledging and celebrating. Whether it's reaching a weight loss goal, improving your strength, or simply feeling more energized, take pride in your progress.

Getting back into health and fitness after the New Year is a journey that requires commitment, patience, and resilience. By setting realistic goals, finding enjoyable activities, maintaining consistency, and being kind to yourself, you can reignite your motivation and establish lasting habits that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Remember, every small effort counts, and the most important thing is to keep moving forward toward your goals.

If you need a helping hand, don't hesitate to get in touch to book your free consultation with our team of personal trainers! We've got a new year discount running on the website until the end of this week to help you get started or to get you back to training at the studio if you've trained with us before!

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