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Signs that YOU HAVE a good diet even if it doesn't feel like it!

You're not jumping from diet to diet, trying every fad that comes through

Most new diets that come to people's attention tend to be restrictive and not that 'healthy' in the long term. Yes, you might drop a few pounds by cutting out a whole food group but at what cost? What happens when you come off the diet? The weight goes straight back on. By eating healthy and whole foods consistently you're also providing your body with all the nutrients it needs instead of restricting your body of what it needs to run at optimal performance.

You eat a variety of foods

If your diet is relatively varied you can be sure your body is saying 'thank you'. You're providing a wide range of different nutrients, minerals and vitamins in different formats which is great for keeping your body in tip-top condition. Sticking to a wide range of whole foods is another sure-fire way of keeping unwanted weight off, provided you're not overeating!

You enjoy what you're eating

Enjoying the food you're eating is another sign you're eating in a healthy way. It’s not just about the food you eat, it’s about the relationship you have with food which matters most.

You're sleeping well

If you’re sleeping well at night then you can be pretty sure your body is getting all the right nutrients it needs to repair and recover. Lack of certain vitamins and minerals can play havoc with your sleep so by ensuring that your diet is varied with lots of veg, you can actually improve your quality of sleep.

You have enough energy to do things you want to do

Feeling lethargic, sluggish and tired is a symptom of under-nourishment. Simply put, if you’re not eating enough Calories your body starts to preserve energy by slowing down the metabolism. In order to do this, your body will slow down energy production in the muscles therefore making it seem harder to do the things you’d normally want to do. If you’ve got the energy to just get up and go then you're most likely eating enough Calories and nutrients to keep your body going.

Your mood remains fairly stable throughout the day

It’s quite the cliche to think of mood swings when you’re hungry but it’s true! The hunger hormone, Grehlin, is released to stimulate your desire to satisfy nutritional needs. This hormone is also associated with anxiety, which is where becoming ’hangry’ starts. If you’re eating loads of junk food then you’ll also start to get wild insulin spikes and blood sugar lows causing sometimes quite intense changes in mood. If your mood remains fairly stable then you're eating the right kind of foods in the right quantities.

You have regular bowel movements

Sorry to finish on this note, but regular bowel movements are another sign that you're eating enough dietary fibre as well as all the other nutrients needed to support your overall gut health.

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