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What Results Look Like



When starting out on your fitness journey it is common to look at the scales as an indicator of your overall progress. Although it is a good indicator (BLOG: are scales a good idea?), it can have quite a detrimental impact to your well-being, mental health and outlook on exercise and food in general. Results are hard to achieve and most importantly they take a long time, especially the kind that can be maintained for years to come. With that said, a drop or an increase in scale weight (depending on goal) is certainly a result, however, there are a few more that are often overlooked and arguably more important. It’s also very important to note that as you become stronger, you’ll build muscle as well as dropping fat. Even a small increase in muscle mass can change your weight more than you might think so, in reality, you could lose fat and build some muscle but actually your weight might stay the same. If you’re going by scales alone, you’d be upset that you’ve not lost weight. But really you will have made some really good progress.

So we need to be looking at other results as well as those results which aren’t necessarily based on weight or look alone.

Do you feel good?

An obvious one, but one that many do not view as a result is how you feel. When you embark on your journey, you’ll likely experience increased levels of energy, an improvement in strength and fitness as well as a newfound confidence.

This in turn will make you feel great! Feeling better on a daily basis thanks to exercise and healthy habits is certainly something to be proud of and something that lasts for as long as you keep it up. Who doesn't want to feel great?

Do you look better?

Once again, the scales can show a drop in weight or sometimes there may not be an awful lot of difference… However, when following a proper, structured training programme focusing on strength and cardiovascular capacity your physique will certainly tighten up and start to take ‘shape’.

Training will almost certainly alter your appearance for the better and the right nutrition only enhances the effect. Take a look in the mirror and be proud of how your body is changing! No matter how small the difference, it’s definitely a win and one to be proud of. Keep it up!

Are you stronger, fitter, faster?

All that hard work is starting to pay off! As long as you show up, train with purpose and stay consistent you’re sure to be getting stronger, fitter and more efficient at exercise. This certainly compounds too, lifting with purpose and using cardio to your advantage will result in some pretty damn good results over an extended period of time. One of the amazing things about this is that the stronger/fitter you are in the gym, the better you become outside of the gym too.

What do I mean by this?

Most exercises will transfer across to life, you’ll find that all of the specific movements and exercises that we coach will help you to move well without pain on a daily basis.

All that shopping in the car, you can now carry more bags than before. The high up heavy items in the cupboard, you can reach and move these with ease. Getting rid of unwanted heavy junk, you can move it safely and effectively without injuring your lower back. Even having a better level of fitness to play with the kids for longer… putting the effort in in the gym, will make your overall life better.

Surpassing once scary goals?

Setting goals is a sure way of making progress and ensuring that you are working towards something. Setting these goals gives you something to work towards and often surpass and improve upon. If you make a point of looking back at goals you once set for yourself and realise how far you've come, you'll soon realise you are where you wished you were all that time ago… take time out to pat yourself on the back and thank yourself for taking the first step and getting to where you are today.

Are you having fun?

A final point from me, are you having fun with your training? It should be something you look forward to rather than something you dread or view as a chore. At Portside we ensure that workouts/programmes are not only effective to ensure results but that they’re fun and delivered in a manner that suits you. If it is something you actively enjoy then you’re going to stick with it, if it isn't, you won't. As simple as that. Going from nothing or minimal training to working through a focussed and targeted programme, training multiple times per week is a massive result that you should be more than proud of!

Keep up the good work, keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep enjoying the process as much as the progress!

If you're looking for an online only programme then hit the link below to sign up to get your very own workout plan, tailored to your goals as well as including instructional videos!

Take the guesswork out of your exercise and start achieving some of the results above!

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