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Common Exercise Hurdles

(and how to overcome them)


We all lead busy lives and sometimes it is simply too difficult to fit in everything we would like to fit in to our days. However, exercise is definitely something that you should include in your routine. Not only because you'll be healthier both physically and mentally but you will likely get better and have more motivation, determination and confidence at other non-gym related tasks as well. See below for common hurdles you may face when it comes to exercise and steps you can actively take to overcome them.


One we hear often as personal trainers. Time. More specifically a lack of, however, there are 24 hours in a single day and how you decide to use those hours are up to you. When you think of a 30-60 minute workout out of all those hours, it suddenly doesn't seem like an awful lot, because it isn't!

Now, with that being said, if you already lead a busy life and find a lack of time for things that are important to you, then exercise will be at the bottom of your list if it isn't something you currently do.

Before you dive into the gym, why not start small and work your way up? Develop a love for moving your body and realise the benefits first. If you currently do not exercise at all, then start off with just moving more than you already do. Park the car further away to get more steps, take the stairs instead of the lift, get yourself out for a voluntary walk.

All of these things require little time and most importantly little effort. Once you start moving more, you will then be in a better headspace to want to exercise and I promise you will be able to find the time because it will become important to you.

Ask yourself if there is currently anything you do that you find the time for but if it really brings any true value to you? If so, replace it with exercise and take it from there.

Physical limitations…

If exercise is not something you regularly do and nutrition is therefore not really performance related you may not be in the best condition you have ever been in. This is expected and very normal. With that being said there may also be other reasons as to why you may be limited such as injury or handicap for example.

The best way to approach this is to understand what your limitations are and where you currently are, working around them until you are in a better position.

Easing yourself into a training routine will be best to ensure you take things slowly, reduce your risk of injury and also to ensure you stick with it long term. If your goal is to run a marathon but you haven't ran for months or even years, you will need to train to build back up to your goal.

If it is strength you are after, once again you will have to start light, focus on moving well and take your time to build yourself up. Whatever your goal may be, this will be the case for them all. Take your time and enjoy the process.

If you are injured or have anything else that may limit you physically then make sure your exercise selection does not affect the injury further. If this is something you aren't sure of, it may be wise to seek professional guidance or invest in a trainer here at Portside Personal Training to help you on your journey.

With all of the above being said, everyone has at some point been in the same position as you feel you are in now. Every athlete, competitor or person you look up to was once a beginner. You have every right to get started and feel the best you ever have, do not let anything get in the way of what you truly want to achieve, especially intrusive thoughts.

Lack of confidence

Our final point to look into today comes down to confidence and leads nicely on from physical limitations. The reason being is because confidence usually ties in with limitations. Many people lack confidence and self esteem for one reason or another.

Getting yourself out of your comfort zone is something you will benefit from majorly. The only thing is, you need to choose to do it. By getting yourself into shape and getting into the gym, this will result in a massive increase of confidence that will be seen and felt both in the gym and in day to day life.

Understandably, it may be hard to do this all by yourself at least initially. Try joining the gym with your partner or a friend to overcome this. Better yet, get yourself a personal trainer.

This way you know you are moving correctly, training with purpose and getting the knowledge, confidence and results that come alongside this method. From this you will naturally become more confident overall and likely go to the gym solo, take part in group sessions and even eventually take part in events!

Points to take away are:

Time - Start off with small changes, implement more movement, review commitments and develop a love for moving more often. Once these are established, you will likely find the time to exercise.

Physical limitations - Do not be afraid of your starting position. Understand where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. Invest in a coach to help if you are unsure of any of the above.

Confidence - Know that a lack of confidence around training when it is new is completely normal for EVERYONE. Get yourself a coach or trainer and watch your confidence grow.

We hope this blog helps you! If there is anything else you feel stands in your way when it comes to exercise, please let us know. We would be more than happy to help and offer guidance, so if you're in the Brighton and Hove area please send us an email or make an enquiry to book in with one of our trainers!

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