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Best Breakfasts in Brighton & Hove

Breakfast, commonly touted as the most important meal of the day, although, these days a lot of people tend to opt out of breakfast to partake in intermittent fasting.. but those who are missing breakfast are really missing out on some ridiculously good food!

Here are our top picks for breakfast out in Brighton and Hove- we've even selected a healthier choice in each place as well as a more indulgent option for the weekends.

Enjoy the post and try not to get too hungry while reading!

Gails (George Street, Hove)

Gail's Bakery offers a tranquil breakfast experience on Church Road. Known for artisanal treats, the menu features flaky croissants, baked eggs, hearty bread, and aromatic coffee.

With a commitment to quality ingredients, Gail's provides an inviting, fresh atmosphere for customers to enjoy a delicious and comforting breakfast in the heart of Hove.

Personal trainer's recommendation: Baked eggs

Weekend recommendation: Almond croissant

Oeuf (Third Avenue, Hove)

Oeuf is a breakfast haven that promises a unique start to your day that is a favourite among social media influencers of Hove.

Nestled in the heart of Hove, this charming spot stands out for its creative and flavorful breakfast offerings. Boasting an egg-centric menu, Oeuf also offers their signature Frumpets (French toast crumpets) as well as pancakes and waffles if you're looking for a heartier breakfast to fill you up on a Sunday morning!

Personal trainer's recommendation: Smashed avocado

Weekend recommendation: Hot honey chicken waffles

Cafe Rust (George Street, Hove)

Cafe Rust is a cosy and more intimate cafe for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Situated towards the top of George Street, Cafe Rust has a warm and rustic ambiance, creating the perfect setting for a relaxed breakfast experience.

You can get eggs, pastries and sandwiches for a decent price while enjoying the sunshine on their secret terrace on the top floor, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Hove.

Personal trainer's recommendation: Avocado eggs

Weekend recommendation: Croque monsieur

Hixon Green (Church Road, Hove)

Hixon Green is a contemporary cafe/restaurant/bar that combines elegance with comfort. Known for its sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere, Hixon Green offers a diverse and delicious menu that reflects a commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

With its stylish decor, attentive service and a menu that reflects the vibrant spirit of Hove, Hixon Green has become a go-to destination for those in search of a memorable experience..

Personal trainer's recommendation: Homemade granola

Weekend recommendation: American pancakes or the full English

The Port Kitchen (Shoreham Port, Southwick)

The Port Kitchen is a recently opened café and kitchen that offers a selection of freshly brewed coffee and locally sourced food and drinks, all within a contemporary and inviting environment. You can watch the commercial operations of Shoreham Port while enjoying panoramic views spanning the lock gates and extending across the harbor, all while having a healthy and/or hearty breakfast!

Alongside Shoreham Port, the Port Kitchen is also dedicated to ambitious sustainability objectives, prioritizing local produce, and fostering a strong community connection.

Personal trainer's recommendation: Spicy beans on toast with dukkah

Weekend recommendation: The PK big breakfast


So there's our top picks and choices for breakfasts in Brighton & Hove (and slightly further afield). Let us know if there are any places we've missed off the list and we'll happily add them onto the blog post!

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