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Why We Need Protein!


Protein can be found in many sources. The most common being meat, fish, eggs, dairy etc.

It i s an essential nutrient and building block for the body- It helps rebuild and repair muscle tissue. Alongside a structured training regime, taking on the recommended protein allowance will ensure that your body is getting all the raw materials it needs to repair, recover and progress with each session in the gym. Protein is broken down into amino acids that help to build, maintain and repair muscle, and bone and even contributes to the production and restoration of hormones.

Sounds quite important right? With all that in mind, you may be wondering where’s best to get it from and how you can incorporate it into your daily diet (you probably already do!).


  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Beef

  • Fish

  • Cheese

  • Eggs

  • Nuts / Nut Butters

  • Beans/Lentils/Pulses

  • Tofu / Vegan Alternatives

  • Spinach

  • Bok Choi

  • Mushrooms

If you need more inspiration for protein-packed, healthy meals then check out our recipe packs which you can download for FREE!



This can vary depending on your goals, age, weight and gender. However, as a general rule of thumb, we would recommend around 1g per pound of bodyweight. This will ensure, alongside the non-negotiables below, you’ll be doing all you can to build muscle size, strength, shape and definition as well as maintaining it after you've reached your goals. You want your hard work in the gym to be worth it, right?

When the team hits their protein goals!
Nando's hove, one of the best places in Brighton & Hove to fil your boots with protein dense grilled chicken!

And let's not forget, being in Brighton & Hove, we have a massive vegan community here so we’ll talk a bit about vegan protein in a later blog post or you can read more about plant-based protein here.


By following these rules of thumb as much as possible we’ll be able to capitalise on the protein you’re taking in.

  • EXERCISE - Move well, move often. Great for both physical and mental aspects.

  • SLEEP - Good, quality sleep. 7-8 hours per night will leave you feeling great.

  • MICRONUTRIENTS - Eat a varied, high-quality diet rich in nutrients.

  • STRESS - Try to keep this as low as possible. Find solutions that work for you.

  • ADHERENCE - Choose a diet to fit your lifestyle that you can stick to.


  1. It should be noted that protein helps keep you full and fuller for longer. Simply put, it’s a satiating macronutrient that when incorporated into each meal will leave you feeling satisfied and full between meals and so reducing snacking and temptations to give in to cravings. It’s a good way of controlling appetite and hunger levels. Plus, by including protein evenly in each meal throughout the day you’re also actively working towards your daily protein target to build and maintain muscle tissue

  2. By including the right amount of protein in your diet, you will be supplying the vital building blocks and foundations for your muscles to get stronger, recover and get all that they need to complement training and get as much as possible out of your efforts in the gym.

  3. Lastly, a protein-rich diet will not only assist muscle maintenance/growth but will help support strong healthy bones, build and replace dead skin, stabilize blood pressure, increase metabolism/fat burning capabilities and increase overall energy levels.

With all of the above in mind, how will you use the information to help get more protein in your diet to benefit your training? Let us know in the gym!

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We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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