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Muscle Beach, Brighton & Hove

This year has been pretty savage for most of us. The effects of the pandemic have been varied and widespread, changing the way we do everyday things. One of the major impacts for me was the fact that gyms were closed and Personal Training could only take place via zoom. This was a tough time for personal trainers everywhere, not just in Brighton & Hove, some trainers taking to remote training like a duck to water.. Others had a tougher time delivering PT online, me included.

Thankfully in June we were able to commence face to face, socially distanced PT sessions outdoors. The fitness industry was starting to come back to life! After a couple of weeks it became clear that there are a lot of fitness brands in Brighton & Hove, all coming out of their studios and gyms to take up residence on Hove Lawns and other green spaces. Something we’ve never seen before!

Working out in the park or on the lawns has become a strong aspect of our training culture here in Brighton & Hove. As more trainers started bringing more of their clients outdoors whilst gyms were closed we built little communities in the areas we always trained. Trainers from different gyms are now training side by side, giving us a chance to connect and learn from each other.

Brighton & Hove is certainly a very fitness focussed city, so the closure of gyms definitely upset a lot of people. I think it’s fantastic that all these fitness groups have created pop up gyms and studios catering to those who wanted to stay on top of their health and fitness goals. I think for some people this would have helped them on a much deeper psychological level not just in terms of staying on track with your fitness.

To all those who have persevered, endured the rain as well as the heat, risked damaging equipment, set up kit everyday and generally working hard to please their clients through this time.. I salute you.

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