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Personal Trainer Spotlight: Dylan

Dylan, otherwise known as Dylando or Dyl, joined us in early 2022 after moving over from the Gym Group in Hove and another group training facility in Worthing. He changed from a group training setting to become a 121 personal trainer because he enjoys tailoring each workout and programme to each individual client instead of using the one-size fits all approach.

Since starting he's made a big impact on the team and has helped lots of our clients build a solid routine to keep them moving.⁠

He likes to stay organised and meticulous with his programming and delivery of sessions to keep a structure and routine which pushes you to achieve your absolute best performance time and time again.⁠ A self proclaimed functional fitness enthusiast, he loves full body workouts and metabolic conditioning with a combination of strength and cardio!

His workouts are on the higher end of the difficulty scale and he'll always motivate you and encourage you to push further than you have before. Whether that's on the assault bike, sled or back squat.. you can be sure that you'll be hitting some PB's week after week!⁠

In his spare time you can probably find him on the assault bike, watching a movie in the cinema or having an aperol spritz with his fiance!

If you want a programme that is thorough, well-structured and progressively tough to get through, Dylan is your man! ⁠

You can read more about Dylan on his bio just click the link below!


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